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Author Malcolm John Baker gives readers a gripping, fast-paced entertainment in From a Jack to a King, Revenge Is Mine and Daylight Robbery.

Join the thrill and excitement through the pages of these books!

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Merlin's travels through time

Follow Merlin's travels through time with the aid of Viviane, who becomes very close to Merlin.

Book Two, named Merlin meets Shakespeare covers the Battles of Agincourt, France, and the Spanish Armada, including episodes with William Shakespeare. To be published later in 2019.

Book Three Merlin is involved in the French Revolution and the early life of Winston Churchill.  To be published at the end of 2019.
Merlin's Secret 
In 2019, Robert Hunt is a young man with no family, desperately in need of guidance. He gets into a bad crowd, eventually leading to a bank raid in London. Miraculously, before being arrested Robert is saved by a ghost named Viviane: the Lady of the Lake, who transports him to 600 AD, to the time of King Arthur.

Robert begins as a helper in the Kitchen of Camelot Castle, but due to his modern knowledge is quickly promoted and eventually becomes an advisor to King Arthur. As Robert introduces things like cannons, gunpowder, and even early electricity, he is deemed a wizard and given the name Merlin. Although now a legend himself, Robert's journey is not over.

Leaving behind Kind Arthur's court, Viviane transports Robert to 1200 AD to the time of Robin Hood, no more than a highwayman when they first Meet. Robert helps turn Robin Hood into a hero, but at the same time, Robert is becoming a man with power and purpose. his journey is one of adventure, danger, death, and rebirth as a simple man travels back in time to shape the legends we know today while paving his own path to greatness.  Available now, to order the book press the link below.